Our soon to be launched Virtual Clinic is an easy, quick and interactive solution to access top doctors for best possible patient care. Experience has shown people have inclination but no time. Paucity of time to reach THE right doctor is cited as the commonest cause for not monitoring an existing ailment. Add to this, those in Cat 2, Cat 3 cities and smaller towns do not enjoy easy/ open access to right medical professionals.

And the result: largely uncontrolled ailments

  • Hypertension (only 12.5% of hypertensives are optimally treated)
  • Type 2 Diabetes (<10% diabetics achieve goals regularly).

Another important aspect of Doctor patient relationship - Embarrassment in sensitive issues - What better than a Virtual Clinician to tackle the same!

For more details, contact us at info@healpositive.com

Over last decade, India has claimed it's, well deserved, status as destination of choice when it comes to comprehensive, compassionate, cost-effective and state-of-the-art tertiary healthcare.

This achievement leverages the country�s well qualified, English-speaking medicos, state-of-the-art hospitals and diagnostic facilities and possibly the last bastion of physicians excelling in bedside clinical diagnosis.

India provides best-in-class treatment, excelling in discipline(s) of cardiology, joint replacement, oncology, neurosciences, dentistry, skin and cosmetic surgery, gastroenterology, ENT, ophthalmology, urology and many more specializations.

Why HEAL Positive?

C M Health Solutions Pvt Ltd is an enterprise formed with zeal and commitment of providing comprehensive, compassionate, accessible, high quality and customerfocused interdisciplinary health care.

HEAL Positive Overseas is the focused vertical for managing medical treatment of overseas customers.

Care is supervised by a medical core team, led by Padmashree Prof. Dr Alaka Deshpande backed by a strong operations & IT team.

A customer's history and treatment done so far is analyzed vis a vis established international guidelines as well as norms of Evidence Based Medicine and an opinion generated on need for travel to India or to suggest a fresh approach to the case at hand.

Once a decision to travel to India is made; with deep insights into and established relations with country's leading health providers, we recommend, organize and monitor healthcare in India and also offer continual professional reinforcement, the most significant variable in sustaining long-term success.


Step 1: At initial consultation, you have to give a brief of your problem (not more than 500 words; no attachments). If your local doctor can give a summary and need of the concerned person. This step is FREE.

Step 2: Our team, led by Dr C H Asrani - Chief Medical Consultant - will scrutinize the history, identify the concern(s) and revert with what we can offer with our experience (this comes with quote of subsequent consultation).

Step 3: Prospect sends the requisite documents (thru uploading on our server) along with the professional fee and all answers queries put forth by the Team. Within 3-4 workdays, we shall revert with our medical opinion {including opinion(s) from specialist(s)/ super specialist(s)} regarding the suggested course of action with expected cost to be incurred. Ethicality being our core value, ONLY internationally approved treatment modalities will be suggested.

Step 4: In case treatment suggested is a surgical procedure/ medical treatment and involves customer travelling to India; we shall identify the right doctor and the right facility for the case at hand. The details of the trip and treatment will be mutually agreed upon, each case handled individually with total transparency.

When people come to us for surgery / medical treatment - we offer CONTINUITY OF CARE - The continuation of our customized service varies with the needs of each individual but essentially involves coordination with treating physician/ surgeon and guidance towards customer�s supportive treatment viz nutrition/ physical activity & prevention of complications.


Indians are living longer; productive lives and chronic diseases are striking early. With all the health challenges longevity and chronic ailments bring, chronic disease management is a simple idea whose time has come.

HEAL Positive Clinics intend to ensure that care and treatment of common chronic diseases is in accordance with established disease management protocols. This would reduce associated medical events (complications), which would otherwise arise as patients� age as well as the disease advances.

The management of chronic and complex disease is a key part of Primary Care Practitioner (Family Doctor). Chronic problems most managed in Primary Care hypertension, diabetes, depressive disorder, cholesterol- related disorders, chronic arthritis, oesophageal disease, asthma etc.

A well-qualified, process trained and regularly updated Family Physician is not only as good as a specialist in monitoring/ treating these ailments but offers �SeamLess� care, is less expensive and easily accessible.

Mumbai is soon to experience a chain of HEALPositive clinic(s) across Mumbai with a phased expansion to Metros, Cat A & Cat B cities.